How to make Marathon medals?

If you are interested in the manufacturing steps of Marathon medals or other sports medals, here is a good example of how to make Marathon medals.

This is the Marathon medal our factory manufactured in April. The customer first gave us their basic design as below:

Then our factory prepares the artwork for their approval. With their approval, then we make the medal. The detailed specification of this medal is as below:

Size: 70 mm

Thickness: 10 mm

Material: Zinc alloy

Electroplating: Silver

Appearance: Two sides 3D

Parts: Ribbon

Here is the finished product:

Marathon medals
Marathon medals

A simple production procedure description of this medal is as below:

First, input the approved artwork into the precision engraving machine program, and use the machine to carve out two metal molds for the front and back. After the molds are engraved with zinc alloy diversion grooves, etc., they are loaded into the zinc alloy die-casting machine. The high-temperature liquefied zinc alloy is injected into the molds under high pressure to form the shape of medals.

After cooling down, the formed medals are sent to the electroplating factory for electroplating after edging and other treatments. Put the medal into the silver solution pool, and turn on the electricity to make the silver evenly adhere to the surface of the medal. After drying, grading, quality inspection, packaging and other steps, the product production is completed.

For many medals, they require enamel coloring, a detailed process welcome to read this blog: How to make zinc alloy material enamel pins.

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