Jiayue Pins Delivery Method Adjustment

For Jiayue Pins our factory, the United States is surely our biggest market. For our pins delivery method, normally for big quantity orders, they are delivered by sea from Shanghai to Los Angeles. For smaller quantity orders, FedEx Express is our major partner.

In the past, our customers in event management field often place big quantity order in advance, because the event date is confirmed, ocean shipment days from Shanghai to Los Angeles or New York is predictable, the freight charge is also stable. Normally one month before the even, customer ordered pins, medals,etc can surely reach their hands. But now it is different due to the covid19.

Now when deliver by sea, the ship space booking time in Shanghai is not stable as before, whether catch the scheduled ship is uncertain. After ship reach LA or NY, we are not sure how long time can the ship enter port, how many days we have to wait until this container is unloaded and not sure how many days later customer can really receive their ordered products.

ocean transportation
Ships waiting outside LA

Then what is the solution?

The solution is separating mass production orders into small ones and delivery by FedEx Express.

FedEx express fast delivery
Pins/medals can be delivered by FedEx Express

Thanks to our many years cooperation with FedEx for the delivery for our B2C customers, Jiayue Pins has become top level VIP customers in FedEx system. Though the last time years FedEx Express cost is higher than before, but compared with other pins manufacturers, our factory freight charge is still competitive. So now we are encouraging more and more customers to choose FedEx Express for the delivery. It is faster, stabler than delivery by sea.

For the pins you are making in our factory, which delivery method do you prefer? Welcome to let us know.  Oh, if you have not placed orders, welcome to use our online quote request form. With a few clicks, your clear requirements can be sent to us and you will receive competitive quotation within 24 hours.

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