When manufacturing enamel pins, there are several points need to be considered:

Hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins

The first question is whether make hard enamel pins or soft enamel pins. 

Main difference of hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins are the surface of pins. The surface of hard enamel pins is flat, the design or words on the surface is at same level with the enamel colors. When touch by hand, the lines are not protruding. 

Soft enamel pins have obvious lines on the surface, the enamel colors are clearly divided by the lines. If you touch with hands, the enamel colors area are lower than lines.

Cost of hard enamel pins is generally higher than soft enamel pins.


Enamel pins plating

Plating is important for enamel pins. It not only protects the pins from oxidation, ensuring long time storage without color fading, but also makes the pins pretty. Suitable plating matching the design makes the pins harmonious with its theme. For example, gold, rose gold, pink color platings are often applied on lovely girl theme pins, while dark theme pins such as death/horror/skull pins often use black, white platings like black dyed metal, black nickle,etc. 

When asking quotations from our online quote request form, please do specify your plating requirements, or we can decide together after receiving your design.

Here are some frequently used platings for reference.

Extra requirements

For mass manufactured enamel pins, if they are used for distribution,etc,  lower cost regular design soft enamel pins are often chosen. 

There are also many B2C customers. They place smaller quantity orders and sell one by one on platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Etsy or shopify self-established websites,etc. For these customers, as their customers are purchasing with strong personal preferences, many customers want enamel pins with special appearance.

Here are some examples of special pins available in Jiayue Pins:
3D surface, hinged, pin-on-pin fixed, pin-on-pin slide, pin-on-pin spinner, translucent, translucent-cut out(stained glass),pearlescent, glitters, laser, glow in dark-green/blue/red/yellow,etc.

Should you have other special requirements, also welcome to let us know.

Back clutches

Standard enamel pins back clutches are the black rubber clutches.

But now more and more customers also want good looking clutches matching their pins design and colors. For this, below clutches are available in our factory. When you place order with us, should you want to use any of these colorful clutches, please feel free to let us know your preference. 

enamel pins clutches


After enamel pins are manufactured out, each pin is normally first packed in plastic bags.

Now with the rising awareness of envieronmental protection, we are supplying more and more customers with degradable paper packing instead of the plastic bags.