Common problems in lapel pins production

The production process of metal lapel pins is quite complicated. It is necessary to make no mistakes in every process to ensure that a good product is made. In actual production process, inexperienced factories with poor management often encounter various problems. Choose an experienced factory to avoid these problems.

For example, for iron material enamel pins, molds are opened after customer places an order, and then the iron plate is pressed into shape with punching machine. In the process of punching, poor quality molds may collapse, a new mold must be engraved again, which will delay product delivery.

The pressed badges and pins should be sent to polishing workshop for polishing, because the product has just been stamped out, there are many burrs at the corners, and the product becomes smooth and shiny through polishing. A common problem for manufacturers who are not experienced in this process is that during the polishing process, some products with thinner lines may be thrown heavy and the products will be blurred, that is, the lines are gone, so the products become ugly.

The back of pin products usually need to be pierced with horse needles. Not only must the number and position of the needles be clearly written on production workpaper, but also the craftsmanship and wearing effect must be considered. If the needle quantity and position designed by the customer is not so reasonable, salesperson should actively communicate with the customer in advance. You can’t wait for the product to be ready before you discover a problem.

The next step is cleaning and plating. If the quality control of the electroplating process is not in place, bubbles will appear on the product, so it must be reworked, otherwise it will be bulging after coloring. This happens in many factories with bad plating process, which seriously influences the delivery time of qualified pins.

Coloring after plating is a very important process. Some products have a lot of lines, and the colors are hard to make. There will be the possibility of color errors and omissions, especially in areas with similar colors. This requires quality control personnel in the production process to discover problems in time.

Some products will require epoxy after coloring. The workers of some factories don’t know how thick is suitable. If the thickness is not enough, it has to be added another layer after adding it. After adding epoxy, put it in the oven and bake it. If the temperature and time are not well controlled, the epoxy will turn yellow.

After the product is ready, it goes to packaging workshop. Pay attention to the packaging requirements when packing. Some are blank bags, some customers will choose OPP self-adhesive bags, and some customers also need special bags. Manufacturers with weak quality control will also have problems in this process, resulted in customers receiving packaging inconsistent with their requirements.

Jiayue not only strictly controls the quality in the production process, but also sends the finished product photos to customers for confirmation before product packaging, so as to avoid various quality problems.

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